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Bean To Bar Chocolate Class

Make chocolate from the cocoa beans with Holly Caulfield founder of Chocoholly

winner of a Great Taste Award.

You will discover the origins of cocoa, use freshly roasted cocoa beans  and turn them into chocolate, see the table top tempering method

and make your own chocolate bars.

This is a unique workshop which uncovers the mystery behind chocolate.

You take home  at least 4 bars of chocolate.

Gluten free, soya free, dairy free and vegan.

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suitable for vegans. gluten free. organic ingredients used. location; SILO upper Gardner St. BRIGHTON



Bean To Bar Chocolate Class - Chocoholly Brighton Workshops: Book a place on our fabulous, insightful Bean to Bar chocolate workshops at Chocoholly in Brighton! A perfect gift for any chocolate lover!
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Are you looking for a fabulous idea for a Hen party? Corporate Event? Team-building? Or are you simply looking for a lovely day out?

Come and join me, Holly for a fabulous day of chocolate making. Please click here for more information about our chocolate making workshops.

Our chocolate making courses lasts one and a half hours and includes learning how to make ganache from fresh cream & chocolate, hand roll your own truffles, decorate & pack them. There is a general class on a Saturday at 1pm, please call or email Holly direct to book your place. 07780975068

Location; The Caribou Rooms, 55 brunswick Street East. BN3 1AU

PHONE Holly for info  07780975068

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other workshops are available including more advanced professional classes for pastry chefs and chocolatiers. we can cater for large groups of up to 25 people



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Organic Cocoa Beans

Organic roasted cocoa beans . Simply peel off the skin and eat them as they are. Also wonderful to cook with, adding another dimension of raw flavour to your meal.

One pack contains 500g of organic cocoa beans.

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Try making your on chocolate at home, you can crush them & add cocoa butter, coconut oil and agave syrup.



Organic Roasted Cocoa Beans - Chocoholly Chocolate Brighton: 500g of organic roasted cocoa beans. Perfect to add another dimension to your meal, to cook with, or to make your own chocolate at home.
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