Chocolate Gifts

Raw chocolate making kit

Make chocolate in simple steps, just melt ingredients & refrigerate.

full instructions enclosed.



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Organic Cocoa Beans

Organic roasted cocoa beans . Simply peel off the skin and eat them as they are. Also wonderful to cook with, adding another dimension of raw flavour to your meal.

One pack contains 500g of organic cocoa beans.

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Try making your on chocolate at home, you can crush them & add cocoa butter, coconut oil and agave syrup.



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Chocoholly Tasting Box

A wonderful selection of organic chocolate bars, fish, our handmade caramels and fresh truffles. This is a fabulous taste experience from Chocoholly.

The Chocoholly tasting box includes strawberry and chili white chocolate, cardamom milk chocolate, dark chili and coconut, geranium rich milk, and raw chocolate. As well as a selection of our caramels and truffles.

Perfect as a gift or just to stock up for those cold winter evenings.



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